LEAP Schoolhouse is now in Lufeng, Shanwei

LEAP Schoolhouse opened its door to the children of Lufeng, Shanwei with a Grand Opening on 4th August 2018.


Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Howard Tang, Regional Director of Enterprise Singapore, South China Division for gracing the occasion with us.


感谢新加坡国际企业发展局,中国华南区 区域主任 汤皓云先生夫妇和新加坡知名幼教品牌LEAP SchoolHouse 挚行长 杨雯美女士千里迢迢,远道而来参加我们的开园文娱晚会。辉宝国际幼儿园在这幼教之路,将与大家同心同德, 扬帆起航,带领我们的陆丰宝贝们跨越国际。